Commuter vehicles need to get great gas mileage, and they need to have enough room for all of your cargo. Most compact cars do the first part well but struggle if you need to carry passengers or have large packages.

The new Hyundai Venue is a compact SUV that has more than enough room for your daily duties, and it can get up to 35 mpg. These features make it an ideal choice if you are going to drive around Johnston, RI primarily.


The Venue also comes with a peppy 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that is ideal for intercity use. It makes an ample 121 horsepower, which is more than enough for acceleration at stoplights, or overtaking people on the highway.

Trims on the Venue

The Venue is also incredibly customizable. There are three different trim configurations. The base SE trim comes with your standard assortment of safety and tech features. If you upgrade to the SEL trim, you get a drive mode selector and you get luxuries like 16-inch wheels. This trim is great if you want a bit of luxury at a great price.

The final trim is the Denim trim. It comes with an exclusive exterior paint color, and it has a custom leatherette interior. The Denim trim also comes with larger 17-inch alloys and an 8-inch touchscreen display with navigation.

The Venue is designed to help you take on any challenges you may come across when traveling around Johnston, RI. It has safety systems that can help to avoid any potential accidents, or at least make accidents less severe. The Venue also has the technology you need to keep connected while you are on the road. These technologies will help to cut down on any distractions that may take your eyes off of the road.

See the Hyundai Venue at Grieco Hyundai

Our team at Grieco Hyundai can give you a more in-depth breakdown of the Venue's features if you are interested. If you stop by our showroom, our team will be able to help you decide which features are going to be most useful in your daily routine. They can also get you going on a test ride around town.

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